spa c steel hardening compound

spa c steel hardening compound

With the exploration and innovation of company people, gradually formed four major advantageous products: steel plate, steel pipe, stainless steel, special steel.

  1. Made in USA - Steel Surface Hardening Compound - 77470417 spa c steel hardening compound

    The Made in USA Steel Surface Hardening Compound 1 Lb. Jar can be found within the Casting & Facsimile Compounds category. As part of MSC Industrial Supply's Raw Materials offering, this item can be found using MSC part number 77470417. Please enter a search value

  2. Surface-Hardening Compounds | McMaster-Carr

    Harden carbon steel parts in batches, creating wear-resistant surfaces. Place parts in a vented steel container, pack compound around parts, seal container tightly, and heat to 1750 F.

  3. Tru-Spark, Carbonitriding Surface Hardening Compound, with spa c steel hardening compound

    Tru-Spark Case Hardening Compound This unique product requires only two or three minutes at high temperature to achieve a good wearing surface with fine grain structure, ideal for hardening frizzens to spark well. You will need a Oxygen Acetylene torch for hardening a frizzen. Small steel parts may be hardened using a Propane torch.

  4. Case hardening compound receipe -

    This is from Case Hardening Steel : Pack, Carbonnitriding and salt surface hardening Carbonnitriding starting with low carbon steel (SAE 1008): 1 hour @ 1425 to 1450F results in a case .004" deep. 2 hours @ 1425 to 1450F results in a case .006" deep. 3 hours @ 1425 to 1450F results in a case .009" deep.

  5. Case Hardening Compound -

    This image shows the 2 sets of upper and lower beams laying on the furnace hearth (an easy to make hearth using stove bricks) ready to be heated up to 850-900C. I put some of the case hardening compound into a ceramic dish that I have and then placed each of the heated parts into the compound in turn and moved them around in the powder.


    Easy-to-use compound case hardens plain and low carbon alloy steels. Carburizes surfaces quickly to uniform depth while retaining the toughness of the core. Also protects delicate, highly finished work, and helps eliminate the need for remachining.

  7. Case Hardening with Kasenit - Special Reports Article

    Steel is hardened by heating the metal to a cherry red and quenching it by quickly dipping the red-hot piece in either water, saltwater (brine), or oil. The particular quenching liquid necessary depends on the type of steel.

  8. Case hardening mild steel? : Blacksmith - reddit

    Case hardening (or carburization, as it's referred to today), traditionally involved wrapping low-carbon steel in a "case" of carbon-rich material - typically hardwood charcoal - and then sealing it with clay and heating it to austenizing temperatures over the course of many hours and sometimes even days.

  9. Homemade Case Hardening Compound? : metalworking

    I made a few mild steel screwdrivers. I want to harden the tips to use them for prying. Is there a recipe to make some case hardening compound that works with relatively easy to find components?

  10. Case Hardening Steel -

    4140 is a medium hardening steel and is not recommended to be case hardened. The old Casenit had cyanide salt. The new Casenite does not. For more information and references see our Heat Treating FAQ.

  11. Introduction to Surface Hardening of Steels

    of carburizing time, the steel chemistry, and available carbon (carbon potential) at the sur-face. When prolonged carburizing times are used for deep case depths, a high carbon poten-tial produces a high surface-carbon content, which may thus result in excessive retained austenite or free carbides. These two micro-

  12. Case Hardening - YouTube

    Brought to you by the Machine Tech Video Blog! In this video, Adam and Todd show you how to case harden low carbon steel. They cover: + Pack carburizing steel + Using a furnace + Basic heat spa c steel hardening compound

  13. 1LB.CAN #1 SURFACE HARDNING COMPND KASENIT | 81-003-001 spa c steel hardening compound

    May be used on steel, cast, wrought or malleable iron. Just brush on and then heat treat at up to 1,650 for 50 minutes. Features. A rapid compound for surface hardening. Up to .020" case depths in 50 minutes. For fine work & very rapid hardening. KASENIT Surface Hardening Compound

  14. Hardening Powder Cherry Red 1lb -

    Use this for low carbon steels that you want a harder exterior surface on. Case hardening on often found on lower cost files and has been used in the metal industry almost since the start of modern metal working. Cherry Red instantly case hardens steel parts with no special heat-treating equipment required.

  15. Hardening low carbon steel |

    I have been tripping over various articles, and websites recently that promise formulas for hardening low carbon steel. One was a rural/survival magazine, and another was a come on at some kind of metal or tool site.

  16. Case-hardening - Wikipedia

    The steel work piece is placed inside a case packed tight with a carbon-based case-hardening compound. This is collectively known as a carburizing pack. The pack is put inside a hot furnace for a variable length of time. Time and temperature determines how deep into the surface the hardening extends.

  17. Making your own case hardening compound. | Model Engineer

    It seem the company which made Kasenit went out of business. There was a lot of concern expressed about it containing "cyanide" but as far as I can make out it was actually sodium ferrocyanide (sodium hexacyanoferrate II) which is fairly harmless; the equivalent potassium salt is sometimes used in photography, though not as often as the ferricyanide (hexacyanoferrate III).

  18. "cherry red" case hardening compound - Metallurgy - I Forge Iron

    The speed at which carbon diffuses into steel depends upon the temperature and the difference between the %carbon in the steel and the %carbon in the compound or atmosphere. At 1750F and a carbon potential of .6% in the carburizing compound, a .20% steel will absorb carbon at the rate of about .007 inches per hour.

  19. Case Hardening in a Home Garage | Hemmings Daily

    To case harden a part, the finished low-carbon steel part is heated, and then packed with a high-carbon compound, like Rose Mills Cherry Red instant hardening compound. The theory is this: When low-carbon steel reaches a certain temperature, the carbon in the piece becomes more fluid.

  20. Cherry Red Surface Hardening Compound 1 lb

    Cherry Red Surface Hardening Compound is an easy way to harden soft, low carbon metals. Cherry Red in combination with high heat creates a tough, durable, hardened finish on the surface of metals. Produces a wear surface (surface hardening) on low carbon steel, low alloy steel, iron. Notes: Thoroughly heat the part to cherry red in color.

  21. Case Hardening Steels | Bohler Uddeholm

    Case Hardening Steels. Case Hardening steels are steels which after carburizing, in solid liquid or gaseous media, followed by hardening, present a hard wear resisting surface layer combining with the compression stresses involved to increase fatigue strength.

  22. Case Hardening Mild Steel with Mr Riggs - YouTube

    Two machine technology students case hardening the V-blocks they rough machined from mild steel at Kansas City Kansas Community College

  23. Nitriding: Process and Operations | Case-Hardening | Steel spa c steel hardening compound

    Nitriding is a case-hardening process of enriching the solid steel surface with nitrogen at a low temperature, normally in the range of 500-575C (i.e., below A 1), when the steel is ferritic. There are two general types of nitriding processes: 1. For alloy steels containing strong nitride-forming elements. (Hard Nitriding) 2.

  24. A1 tool steel heat treatment |

    A1 tool steel heat treatment Discussion in 'Shop spa c steel hardening compound A2 is a common air hardening steel, and O1 is a common oil hardening steel. spa c steel hardening compound Anti scaling compound, and spa c steel hardening compound

  25. Harvey armor - Wikipedia

    Compound armor was made by pouring molten steel between a red-hot wrought iron backing plate and a hardened steel front plate to weld them together. This process produced a sharp transition between the properties of the two plates in a very small distance.

  26. Case Hardening Steels | Interlloy | Engineering Steels + Alloys

    EN36A: AS1444-1996 X3312 & X3312H BS970-1955 EN36A BS970 Part 3-1991 655M13 SAE 3310 SAE 9310 AISI E3310 AISI E9310.13.25.50: 3.4.80: Case hardening steel for medium to high core strength applications, in relatively large sections with excellent toughness and fatigue resistance.

  27. Case Hardening of Mild Steel -

    The steel is removed from the brazing hearth with blacksmiths tongs and plunged into case hardening compound and allowed to cool a little. The case hardening compound is high in carbon. STAGE THREE: The steel is heated again to a red colour, removed from the brazing hearth and plunged into cold, clean water.

  28. Has anyone had experience with Cherry Red hardening compound?

    Any method of hardening mild steel that involves only a few minutes heating time can of course only ever produce a shallow case. There is a youtube video on the process here. Instant Steel Case Hardening: demonstration - YouTube That said, the Cherry Red makers do say that with the right process case depths of up to 90 thou can be achieved.

  29. Low Carbon Steel Case Hardening Process Explained

    Low carbon case hardening steel is made through one such process through which a metals outer crust is made very hard and tamper proof without disturbing its internal compositions. Case hardening of low carbon steel material is quite popular and is widely employed and finds varied applications in numerous fields.

  30. Furnace atmospheres 3 Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing

    FURNACE ATMOSPHERES 3 Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing 5 (below A1). The term carbonitriding on the other hand should be reserved for treatment temperatures where the steel is austenitic. Nitriding is the term used for classical gas nitriding in ammonia. As the name indicates, it is a process where nitrogen is transferred to and taken up by the spa c steel hardening compound

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